About the Forum

The Forum of Advanced Technologies was created with the goal of positioning the city of Niš as a center for the development of advanced technologies. From the very beginning, the Forum has been bringing together all the carriers of activities in the field of advanced technologies, significant stakeholders, relevant partners and participants in order to promote the economic, scientific, educational, institutional, and human resource potential as well as positioning of the City of Niš, the whole country, and the entire region as an engine of development and innovation.

The goals of the Forum

The goals are: connecting educational institutions with manufacturing companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, and IT, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience among experts in these fields, providing support for innovation, as well as improving cooperation between academia and industry, in order to encourage economic growth and career development of young experts.



The 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies will take place on June 12 and 13, 2024, at the Science Technology Park Niš.

It will bring together global experts and leading companies in the field of advanced technologies, with the aim of deepening the discussion about the latest trends and challenges in key sectors such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, information and communication technologies, green industry, web3, blockchain, and creative industries.

The Forum will take place on five stages, accompanied by a media corner and a special podcast corner. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend panel discussions, lectures, masterclasses, presentations, workshops, pitch sessions of startup companies, as well as special and accompanying events.